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Since 1978
Gerry and Lauryn started their enthusiasm for storefront design related services after marrying in 1986. Realizing the need for the more storefront security, they started servicing stores and doing lots of shutter repairs. Soon enough, they're work ethic coupled with knack in creating effective processes and excellent customer service has given birth to what has become Shutter Repair London. Their combined knack for making sound business strategies has continued to this day, with their 3 talented children, maintaining the excellence in shutter repairs as their family tradition.

Family Philosophy

It is crucial that you have your commercial shutters in good working order to protect your assets and property. Commercial shutters can malfunction if not regularly inspected and serviced. Plus, it is imperative that your shutters are in good working condition to comply with the 1992 Workplace Regulations – Maintenance of Equipment, Devices, and Systems.

Being unable to close down or open your shutters can be a source of panic and because your business would be at risk it is an emergency situation. Our service includes responding 25 minutes within your call anytime anywhere!
The Men Behind Our Success
Tony, 25 Years Experience

The Visionary. He has 25 years of experience working with a repair service. From his extensive experience and business acumen, he is able to maintain the family's tradition through sound management strategies and people capital.

Jason, 22 Years Experience

Took his father's enthusiasm doing ventilation repairs, he too worked in HVAC repair immediately after school and has 20 years of experience. He knows the ins and outs of shutter assembly and what not, basically knows everything about repairs like the back of his hand. He's able to quickly do repairs and make them work like new!

John "Junior", 10 Years Experience

He was an engineering and electrician exam passer in 2010. His expertise in electrical devices makes his services valuable in ventilation. With an avid interest in new technology and fine engineering, he propels the business to new heights and the future of shutter repair in general.